216th – 217th Championship Dog Show

INKC’s 216th – 217th Championship Dog Show held at Civic Park Federation Ground, Borivali was a big hit. Thanks to all the participants and the wonderful audience.

Bustling Borivali in Mumbai saw its very first Dog Show on January 15, 2017. Ring 1 was Judged by International Judge, Jester Jo Huang Chuan from the Philippines, who is also Chairman – Foreign Affairs, Asian Kennel Club Union of the Philippines (AKCUP), Union of Asian Kennel Club (UAKC).

Ring 2 was ably handled by Dr. Ravi Lalit Trehun, a medical practioner bitten by the dog fancy bug.

The pleasant grounds — managed by the residents of the surrounding high-rises — were made available to us by Uday Mathure & Atul Joshi, office-bearers of the Managing Committee of the Federation.

Over 130 exhibits of 32 different breeds took part, and the Show was enjoyed by all. The neighbouring residents were thrilled to have this interesting activity on their grounds, and admitted that they had never before known or seen so many different breeds.

The annual Dog of the Year trophy was handed over to the Labrador, Ch. Westernberd’s Alex Shot, owned by Siddhesh Mohan Salunke, by Mrs. Binaben Doshi, Corporator, Ward 14.

Also present for the event was Ms. Sumona Chakravarti who is a television and film actress who is known for her roles in The Kapil Sharma Show, Barfi!, and many more. She was an exhibitor for her Shih Tzu puppy.

For the first time at our Dog Show we presented gifts to people who posted pictures on their social media accounts with dog show related hashtags. For eg: we had #INKC216 for the 216th Championship Dog Show and #INKC217 for the 217th Championship Dog Show. The winner of the social media contest were:

Facebook: Dharti Verma

Twitter: Janhavi Naik

You can check out the submission for Facebook and Twitter for #INKC216 and for #INKCdogs on Facebook and Twitter.


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