Indian National Kennel Club

INKC was established in 1957 to increase awareness and popularity of dogs and to promote their proper breeding, rearing, and training.

Dog Registration

Maintaining a true and proper register and record of pedigree is the backbone of the INKC and is crucial to breeding dogs true to type and free from heriditary informities.

Dog Breeding

INKC encourages planned and responsible breeding of dogs, always with a view to achieve the ideal for every breed.

Dog Shows

INKC dog shows provide a public platform for enthusiasts to have their dogs assessed by experts, and are a guide for dedicated breeders to produce better specimens.

Indian Breeds

Right from it’s inception, INKC has recognized and showcased our own Indian pure breeds, which has made them visible to – and appreciated by – the world.

INKC Motto

Dogs for a Good Life, A Good Life for Dogs

We believe that:

  • Dogs are a boon to humans, and deserve to be treated with love and understanding
  • The love of dogs – particularly within the wider ambit of love of nature – induces men to be nobler denizens of our planet
  • The companionship of dogs is an essential element in the full and balanced development of human personality
  • The love of dogs as man’s best friend is universal, and cuts across status, cultures and barriers between the peoples of the world
  • Pure-bred dogs enhance the pleasure and purpose of keeping, breeding, and training dogs
  • The physical characteristics, behavioral traits and working ability of pure-bred dogs are a valuable inheritance which needs to be conserved, and the integrity of the various breeds scrupulously maintained as required by the ideal

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Siberian Jerry


  • The Indian National Kennel Club (INKC) was established in 1957, and has completed 50 years in the fulfillment of our objectives as defined in our Main Purpose Statement. Our first concern is to promote the love of dogs in general. Our effort is to inform, educate and empower the general dog-owner and hobbyist-breeder, leading to a better understanding of their dogs and establishing a mutually fulfilling relationship between them.

  • INKC is the first:

    • kennel club in India to recognize and promote our Indian breeds
    • kennel club in India to conduct Police Dog Trials
    • kennel club in India to promote Dog Agility
    • and the only kennel club in India to have a unique Dog Lovers’ Test
    • and the only kennel club in India to have CTF for Litter Registration
    • kennel club in India to disclose colors and markings of every dog in our 3 generation certificate, to assist in proper breeding
    • and the only kennel club in India to create full transparency by giving breeders and owners full name and address on every Dog registration Certificate
    • and the only kennel club in India to issue an official Result and Participation Certificate to every participant in all INKC dog shows
    • and the only kennel club in India to allocate 10% points in all obidience tests to ensure that the dog performs in a happy manner
    • kennel club in India to hold Dog Behavior and Training classes led by eminent specialists
    • kennel club in India to hold seminars and workshops to disseminate useful information for the benefit of dogs and dog lovers
    • kennel club in India to encourage dog owners to personally involve themselves in activities relating to their dog

    • Acceptance of dogs everywhere
    • Public facilities open for dogs
    • Acceptance in private housing societies
    • Orientations in veterinary education
    • Boosting interest and enthusiasm in dog lovers
    • Recognition of the Kennel Club’s status, function, and worth
    • Utilizing the vast potential of working dogs
    • Partnering with dog rescue and rehabilitation volunteers

News / Events

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