Rakesh Shukla – The Messiah of 735 Abandoned Dogs

Rakesh Shukla can be considered as the messiah of 735 abandoned dogs today but lets hear the story of how he started this selfless journey.

Rakesh Shukla is a software engineer and all he wanted in life was having a lot of money, he traveled around the world and lived a great life, but he wasn’t happy. He felt something missing in his life.

One day, he was returning to his house when he met a 45 day old abandoned Golden Retriever, Kavya. He brought this poor abandoned dog home to take care of her. When she entered the house she stayed in a corner afraid. But Rakesh Shukla came down to her height and she knew he can be trusted. Since then Rakesh Shukla knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Rakesh Shukla | The Messiah of 735 Abandoned Dogs
Mr. Rakesh Shukla with his dogs

Then he met his second abandoned dog, Lucky whom he saved from the rain that was pouring for 12 to 13 days. He took her to his home and took care of her too. Then the dogs kept coming and coming in his house, but his wife then protested, so he took some of them to his office.

Rakesh Shukla | The Messiah of 735 Abandoned Dogs
Volunteers at the farm

He then bought a farm to put all the dogs in it. He hired 10 people in his huge farm to take care of the dogs with him. Most of them are trained vets, when the dogs see Rakesh Shukla they run and play with him as they love him so much.

Rakesh Shukla | The Messiah of 735 Abandoned Dogs
One of the three- legged dogs in the farm

The dogs are fed about 200 kg of chicken and another 200 kg of rice. All of that goodness, yet he faces a lot of trouble. As animal activists want to enter the farm, there are complaints about the dogs, and there are people who demand to shut the farm down. But Rakesh Shukla refused all of that as he created a bond with all of his dogs.

Indian National Kennel Club salutes Mr. Rakesh Shukla for the efforts he took for the abandoned dogs. If you liked the story of Mr. Rakesh Shukla and wish to get more information about Voice of Stray Dogs, visit their website: strays.in.

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