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Ch. Jerry Sagadeva 2009-10

INKC Motto

Dogs for a Good Life, A Good Life for Dogs

We believe that:

  • Dogs are a boon to humans, and deserve to be treated with love and understanding
  • The love of dogs – particularly within the wider ambit of love of nature – induces men to be nobler denizens of our planet
  • The companionship of dogs is an essential element in the full and balanced development of human personality
  • The love of dogs as man’s best friend is universal, and cuts across status, cultures and barriers between the peoples of the world
  • Pure-bred dogs enhance the pleasure and purpose of keeping, breeding, and training dogs
  • The physical characteristics, behavioral traits and working ability of pure-bred dogs are a valuable inheritance which needs to be conserved, and the integrity of the various breeds scrupulously maintained as required by the ideal

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