Meet Dora. This beauty is about 10 months old vaccinated and sterilized. She is a chronic tail-wagger, loves hugging people and making them feel on top of the world. If you think  you deserve to have Dora in your home and your life. Call WSD on 64222838 or 9892974973.



Bunny was thrown off a bike by two men, & was picked up just in time from coming under a vehicle by a kind lady, who later handed her over to me. Though Bunny did not suffer any external or internal injuries, she was passing very loose stools, which got diagnosed as Parvo by the doc. He felt that she probably had the infection coz of which she was discarded, as her health was deteriorating at a remarkably fast pace. The doc didn’t have many hopes for her survival, but by the sheer Grace of God & the docs determination, she was literally brought back from the dead.
Bunny has now fully recovered & is ready to go to her forever home. PLEASE SHARE TO HELP BUNNY GET TO HER FOREVER FAMILY. SHE TRULY DESERVES ALL THE LOVE & PAMPERING
Bunny is a 3mth old INDIAN GIRL available for adoption to a home that’ll treat her with the love & respect she deserves. She is a complete live wire that stands her ground amidst 5 huge bad assed dogs & a cat at her foster mamma’s house. Bunny is full of love, energy & spunk, & is super alert & assertive, thereby making her an ideal guard dog for a farm or home.
Please SHARE to help Bunny get adopted.
To adopt, call on 9820343682


From Riddhima Bhatia
I posted about these Indian puppies last week, and it’s really sad that no one came forward to adopt. From a litter of 6, only 4 male puppies are left for adoption. Two of the puppies have been run over by cars. It’s really heartbreaking! Please consider giving them a home, some of the most gorgeous and loving pets I know are strays who were taken in and cared for! Do reach out to us, if you have a change of heart..
Ridhima – 9811089994
Momina – 9810660737
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