Attention Dog Lovers – Don’t Be Scared Of KCI Threats

When INKC was established as the better option, the haughty KCI had declared that we would not survive beyond 3 years. Today, we are 62 and thriving, thanks to dog-lovers who prefer honesty, integrity, and sincerity over the nebulous and eroding ‘status’ claimed by KCI.

All along, dog-lovers who registered their dogs with INKC and participated in our Dog Shows were being bullied and intimidated by KCI, holding out the hollow threat of ‘cancelling the dog’s KCI Registration’ and ‘debarring the dog and/or owner from exhibiting in KCI Dog Shows’.

Our exhibitors have largely disregarded this, but now, with KCI officials embroiled in legal cases and many of their associated Clubs and followers being disillusioned by KCI’s management and with the predictability at their Dog Shows, KCI has now redoubled its efforts to deter even dog-handlers and trainers from choosing the alternative of entering INKC Dog Shows. All such restrictions and threats are illegal and unenforceable, because no Institution’s Rules & Regulations can be valid if they vitiate or are not in consonance with the laws of India, which categorically disallow the ‘Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices’ of the KCI.

I, Phiroze B Javeri, Vice-President of INKC, urge and invite all DOG OWNERS and/or HANDLERS all over India who have been warned, threatened, or adversely affected, restricted or debarred by KCI or its agents because of participating in INKC activities, to report to me IN FULL CONFIDENCE on my personal e-mail: phiroze.javeri@gmail.com with all pertinent details / attachments to enable me to take appropriate legal action against KCI, its concerned Office-bearers and Agents.

We repeat with confidence that such action by KCI – threatened or carried out – is ILLEGAL. The Notice hereunder that is being printed over the last several years in every issue of KCI’s official monthly, IKG, is not sustainable in law. You may safely disregard it, or better still, challenge it.

KCI has NO AUTHORITY to restrict or control any citizen’s personal freedom of choice.

Do NOT humiliate yourself by succumbing to illegal dominance.


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