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Correct German Shepherd
THE ONLY CORRECT GERMAN SHEPHERD There are no valid options, alternative types or varieties. It must be noted that there is only one correct type of German Shepherd Dog all
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Tattoo Artist Covers His Dog’s Face With Tattoos
Emerson Damasceno posted some disturbing pictures on his Facebook page of a white bull terrier covered in tattoos; not a single person approved of what he did, and he started
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Britain’s Loneliest Dog Bags Role in Michael Bay’s Transformers
The dogs at shelters always hope for a family and a new home. It’s really hard to be overlooked by visitors. You can imagine that this poor dog has been
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Cute Pug Resisting Kisses
Unlike other pets, dogs are well known to be affectionate animals, they are just the kind of animal you want when you someone to hug or give a couple of
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Rakesh Shukla – The Messiah of 735 Abandoned Dogs
Rakesh Shukla can be considered as the messiah of 735 abandoned dogs today but lets hear the story of how he started this selfless journey. Rakesh Shukla is a software
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