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About Indian National Kennel Club Indian National Kennel Club promotes the popularity of dogs, along with guidance for proper breeding, rearing, and training. We publish articles which educates our readers about the latest news in the dog world.
Heartbroken little dog becomes Siberia’s own ‘Hachiko’
For past year devoted Masha has been waiting in a hospital for the beloved owner who will never return. A little dog that waits in vain at a Siberian hospital
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216th – 217th Championship Dog Show
INKC’s 216th – 217th Championship Dog Show held at Civic Park Federation Ground, Borivali was a big hit. Thanks to all the participants and the wonderful audience. Bustling Borivali in
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Peddling Pedigree
Over the last 60 years, the INKC has promoted the popularity of dogs, along with guidance for their proper breeding, rearing and training. There was a time when pedigree puppies
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Animal Welfare Board Has No Right to Interfere in a Kennel Club Dog Show
The Animal Welfare Board (AWBI) has its legitimate responsibility of assisting in and enforcing Prevention of Cruelty to Animals under the PCA Act. But the NGOs under whose advice they
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