Indian National Kennel Club

Championship Dog Show at Bhavan’s Nature And Adventure Centre – 2020
It’s that time of the year when we have our dog shows at the Prakruti Festival hosted by Bhavan’s Nature And Adventure Centre. It’s been 10 years since we have
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Attention Dog Lovers – Don’t Be Scared Of KCI Threats
When INKC was established as the better option, the haughty KCI had declared that we would not survive beyond 3 years. Today, we are 62 and thriving, thanks to dog-lovers
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Kennel Name Benefits
The Indian National Kennel Club, INKC, registers kennel names for individuals or people owning kennels. The reason behind registering a kennel name can usually be miscalculated. Hence, we are taking
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Correct German Shepherd
THE ONLY CORRECT GERMAN SHEPHERD There are no valid options, alternative types or varieties. It must be noted that there is only one correct type of German Shepherd Dog all
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Tattoo Artist Covers His Dog’s Face With Tattoos
Emerson Damasceno posted some disturbing pictures on his Facebook page of a white bull terrier covered in tattoos; not a single person approved of what he did, and he started
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