Cute Pug Resisting Kisses

Unlike other pets, dogs are well known to be affectionate animals, they are just the kind of animal you want when you someone to hug or give a couple of kisses, and that’s normally the case.

How many times were you away from your dog for even a short period of time and when you got back to him he started jumping all over you giving you kisses whenever and wherever he can? I bet more than once.

In this video we have this lovely pug who is surely not a fan of kisses, not even from his owner, believe it or not this is a dog who isn’t only not a fan of kisses but he’s even trying to stop his owner from giving him any kisses, like at all.

The owner doesn’t give up easily however, she keeps trying to get her well-deserved kisses but the dog is really resisting and won’t give up just yet, she keeps on trying until he’s actually trying to push her away, that’s one pug who really doesn’t want kisses.

This won’t stop the owner however, she keeps trying until she gets a small victory at the end, after so many failed attempts, the pug finally lets the owner get a small peck, not much but still a victory!.

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