A puppy needs plenty of rest to grow well in mind and body. Do not disturb him when he wishes to be left alone. However, he also requires exercise. Before being taken out the pup must get used to being on a collar and leash. It is a good idea to tie a piece of ribbon round the pup’s neck so that he may get used to the feel of something there. The first time you put the pup on a leash, try not to tug at it, show him a toy and try to get him to walk with the leash dangling loose. He will soon get the hang of it. Try it at home first, in short sessions.

Short walks may be introduced, with a regular romp in the park. Running after and retrieving a ball may be taught as a form of exercise. Outdoor exercise to some extent, like a brisk, long walk, is essential even for a small breeds. Let your puppy run as much as he/she likes. Like a small child if he does not use up his energy he will get up to mischief in the house.

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