Short haired breeds, require very little care. However, daily attention by brushing with a stiff bristle brush will remove all loose hair, and leave the coat healthy.

Long haired breeds however need to be groomed every day. Daily attention by brushing with a stiff bristle brush will remove all loose hair. Special attention should be paid to see that no knots are formed. If the coat becomes knotted put some conditioner after bathing the dog and leave it on for a couple of minutes before washing it off. This will make it much easier to remove the knots. To remove knots that are already there rub a little Sooth-n-Shine Body butter into the knot and then tweeze it out gently with the edge of a steel comb.

Nails will need occasional clipping, particularly if the dog is exercised on soft ground or turf. Particularly watch the front dew claws. The nails should be clipped with a dog nail clipper. Remove only the tips as if you cut into the quick it will start bleeding. Otherwise take the pup to your Vet.

The eyes may be cleaned liberally with cotton wool soaked in a solution of 1 teaspoon salt in a cup of water. The solution is soothing and the dog should not resent it.

The ears should be cleaned whenever necessary with cotton buds. Do not probe too deep. If there is excessive wax, soak the ear-bud in a good ear lotion for dogs. A word of warning must be given here. Do not play with puppy’s ear-flaps or try to pick it up by its ears. The tiny muscles are very delicate, and this can result in permanent injury.


In flat faced dogs the folds on the face may be cleaned occasionally with cotton bud dipped in Calendula lotion.

Also check every day for skin parasites. If ticks or fleas are present, dust with any good tick and flea powder. Check between toes and inside the ears. A pup over 3 months may be bathed and after drying sprayed with an effective flea and tick spray or Spot On if there are too many ticks or fleas. At the same time, change the dog’s bedding, and disinfect the room as well. If the puppy/dog appears to be unwell after application of tick/flea repellents, report to your vet for an anti-dote, and use a different medication thereafter.

A very important benefit of grooming your own dog from puppy-hood is that it gets accustomed to being handled and touched all over its body. You will also get more love and respect from your dog, because among dogs, ‘grooming’ is a sign of affection and trust. Grooming at home by the owner is a must, even if it is supplemented by professional grooming at a parlor.

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