House Training

The first thing a new owner would like to teach his dog is to be clean in the house. A puppy, like a small baby, does not have much control over his toilet habits and will want to relieve himself often, so be prepared to clean up every now and then while the puppy is young. Carpets are very inviting to puppies for use as a toilet, and will be difficult to clean. Remove them, or allow the puppy limited access to that room and keep a close watch.

Dogs like to keep their living areas clean As soon as he is old enough to walk, a puppy will move away from his bedding before relieving himself. Do not keep a puppy confined in a small place all the time just because you want to keep the house clean. If a pup is confined to a small area he may keep it clean for a while but he should be taken out often enough to be able to relieve himself. Otherwise, your purpose will be defeated, and such confinement will make house-training even more difficult later on.

Take the puppy out, or put him in the bathroom or wherever you would like it to relieve himself, immediately after meals and as soon as he wakes up after a nap. Initially, this will be many, many times a day. As soon as he obliges, praise it lavishly. If it makes a mistake in the house, the tone of your voice should be enough to tell it that it has done something wrong. Immediately take it to where it should have gone. Do NOT hit or rub the puppy’s nose in the mess. Also, all corrections have to be instant. It is no use scolding your pup for a mistake done some time back. It will not be able to understand what it is being scolded for. Do not expect your puppy or dog to keep the room or house clean if you do not give him ample opportunity to do it in the right place at the right time. With a little patience it should be fairly reliable in a few days. Some old newspaper may be laid out where you may want it to perform. It is much easier to train a pup if he has access to a garden or a patch of grass.

In public places, use a convenient poop-scoop to clean up after your dog.

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