INKC Webinar – Presented by Steven Wolfson, USA



INKC Webinar especially for judges, aspiring judges and serious dog enthusiasts.

Judging the Rottweiler in Conformation and Gait

This webinar is most useful for, not just Rottweiler enthusiasts, but for aspiring all-breeds judges and active judges.

Presented by Steven Wolfson, USA.

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Steven Wolfson is a steadfast, passionate supporter of the Rottweiler since 1977 and became an AKC Rottweiler breeder specialist judge in 2003.

His goal of breeding and titling working Rottweilers came to fruition when he titled his dog Dux von Wolf Sch.1 BH, ZTP, AD, and several others in his breeding programme to their BH’s.

In 2003, he wrote and published his first book, the Priority of Breed Type in the Rottweiler. His other books, The Rottweiler In Type, The Rottweiler Judge’s Handbook, have also been published.

He has lectured for Rottweiler Clubs worldwide and written many articles on Rottweiler structure and type, translated for international Rottweiler club newsletters.

He has written and codified the first ARC National Sieger show rules and regulations, revamped – with ARC board approval – the ARC Judges’ Education presentation, and has extensive knowledge of the workings, verbal critiquing, and rating system of Sieger style shows.

Additionally, he is head survey judge for the ARC breed survey, former ARC Judges Education chairman, and has judged breed surveys for the American Rottweiler Club, the Rottweiler Clubs of Australia, New Zealand, and Ecuador.

In the US and Canada, he has judged Rottweilers for many all-breed AKC and specialty Rottweiler clubs to include:

  • the Colonial Rottweiler Club
  • Associated Rottweiler Fanciers Club of California
  • Rottweiler Club of Canada
  • Gulf Stream Rottweiler Club, Miami

Sieger shows he has judged in the US are:

  • Wine Country Rottweiler Club, California
  • Southern Louisiana Rottweiler Club, Baton Rouge
  • National Independent Rottweiler Klub National Sieger show, California
  • Mountain City Rottweiler Club, Pennsylvania
  • New England Rottweiler Fanciers, Boston Mass.
  • American Rottweiler Club National Sieger Show.

A partial list of Rottweiler specialty shows he has judged internationally are:

  • The International Friends of the Rottweiler- IFR- Sieger show in Bologna, Italy 2004,
  • The World Show in Mexico City for the Rottweiler Club of Mexico
  • The Rottweiler Club of Ecuador National Sieger
  • The Norsk Rottweiler Klub National Sieger Show, Norway
  • The Rottweiler Club of Colombia National Sieger show, Colombia
  • Copa America Specialty Show for the Rottweiler Club of Argentina
  • Raduno di Lombardia regional specialty Sieger show for the Rottweiler Club Italia
  • Rottweiler Club of New Zealand National Sieger show
  • Rottweiler Club of New South Wales Regional Specialty Sieger show, Australia
  • Rottweiler Club of Argentina ACRR, National Sieger Show
  • Raduno Citta del Tricolore, Reggio Emilia, Italia, Sept 2018

He conducted 46 Breed Surveys for the American Rottweiler Club, numerous Surveys for other international Rottweilers Clubs, Surveys for the New Zealand Rottweiler Club and Australian Rottweiler Clubs

His judging style is precise, thorough, fair, which exhibitors can profit from and enjoy.