• A Kennel Name may be registered by a person(s) who wishes to identify the dog(s) he/she owns or breeds by the addition of this Kennel Name as an affix (prefix or suffix) to the dogs’ names.
  • If the dog is owned but not bred by the Kennel Name holder, the Kennel Name is conventionally used as a suffix (after the dog’s name) beginning with “at” instead of “of”.
  • A Kennel Name once attached to a dog’s name cannot be dropped.
  • A dog cannot carry more than two Kennel Names, – of the breeder and/or owner.


As Applicant(s) for an INKC Kennel Name I / we understand and accept that:

  1. An INKC Kennel Name is not only a matter of prestige, but also carries with it an obligation on me / us to keep in view the INKC Main Purpose statement, and I / we shall conduct with dedication, honesty and integrity all activities pertaining to dogs, particularly breeding;
  2. I / we shall breed only from INKC registered bitches in good health and not known to throw genetic defects;
  3. As a general rule, I / we shall breed only from a bitch above the age of 15 months and under the age of 7 years, at intervals of one year or more;
  4. I / we shall carefully choose a Stud Dog with a view to improving the breed, which will include compatibility of color in such breeds where this matters;
  5. I / we shall register all puppies in every litter with the INKC;
  6. I / we shall sell or give my / our puppies directly to the actual new Owner, and not to a dealer or middle-man, and never in a lot. If a middle-man is involved in finding a customer, I / we shall insist on identifying the new Owner before deciding to part with the puppy / dog;
  7. I / we shall ensure that every INKC registered puppy / dog whether sold or given away is accompanied by the original C.T.F. / Registration Certificate, which shall not be with-held from the new Owner for any reason, nor offered at extra cost;
  8. Before handing over the puppy / dog, I / we shall ensure that it is in good health and condition.

A Kennel Name should not be longer than 12 characters. It must be distinctive and unique, but not comprising such words / names as may be likely to be used for naming individual dogs. It should also not be too similar phonetically or too close to an existing Kennel Name, including known Kennel Names of other Kennel Clubs.

Please mention one or more alternative names, in case your first preference is considered unacceptable. The INKC reserves the right to accept or reject any Kennel Name applied for.


In submitting this application I / We declare that

  1. I / We will be entitled to pay a fee of Rs. 5,000/- for the registration of the Kennel Name
  2. I / we have read and accept the Undertaking
  3. I / we do not hold any other Kennel Name at present, nor will do so in future during the currency of this Kennel Name
  4. I am / we are bound by the I.N.K.C. Rules and Regulations for the time being in force or as may be amended from time to time
  5. I / We accept the jurisdiction of the Council of The Indian National Kennel Club as the governing body for all Kennel affairs and the Final Court of Appeal or Umpire in all questions of dispute of any kind whatsoever

In case of two Joint Kennel Name holders, it will be understood that:

  1. The first-named person will give his address, and be responsible for receiving and responding to all communications;
  2. All applications for Litter / Dog Registrations and Transfers can be signed by any one of the two Kennel Name holders, on behalf of the Kennel, for which both persons shall be responsible;
  3. Neither person is, or will be, the holder of another Kennel Name, either singly or jointly with another or same person.

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