Largest Dog Show In The US – Westminster Dog Show 2017

The Best in Show winner at USA’s largest Dog Show – Westminster 2017 – was the GSD Gr Ch Lockenhaus’ Rumor Has It v Kenlyn popularly known as Rumor. We are pleased to note, and would like our GSD breeders and enthusiasts to also note, that this dog is true to the correct GSD Breed Standard, which requires the back to be level (straight, not curved or roached), the withers to be the highest point, the croup not too steep, front angulation (sholders) to match hind angulation, good substance (not shelly),

INKC would like all conscientious GSD Breeders, Show Judges and owners to promote only this type, and breed out all signs of the aberration of the roach (curved) back that has unfortunately crept into our breeding on account of a blind and misplaced fascination for trends of prevailing fashion and popularity.

A Breed Standard is not amenable to whims, fancies, fashion or popularity. Respect it.

You can read more on DogWorld and New York Times.

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