Britain’s Loneliest Dog Bags Role in Michael Bay’s Transformers

The dogs at shelters always hope for a family and a new home. It’s really hard to be overlooked by visitors. You can imagine that this poor dog has been being rejected by more than 18,000 potential owners in just six years. Freya has been known as Britain’s loneliest dog. After arriving at Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool as a six-month-old stray. The staff is confused as to why she is constantly rejected by visitors.

Britain's Loneliest Dog - Freya

When Michael Bay announced the newest cast member in his upcoming Transformers installment, Freya made it to the list. Bay hopes that by giving Freya a little blockbuster action movie spotlight, he’ll help her find a real home. And if not, he says he’ll adopt her, io9 reports.

Micheal Bay is a famous filmmaker who is best known for Hollywood blockbusters Transformers, Armageddon, and Pearl Harbor.

Freya is a six-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier mutt who suffers from epilepsy. Bay tweeted that he got the idea to put her in Transformers: The Last Knight after reading about her in the news. It’s not clear yet what role she’ll play in the movie, or if she’ll have to travel from the UK to film it.

This is certainly a dramatic way to find a home for a shelter dog, but it’s hard to see a downside to it.

Bay said that he has vowed to find Freya a home. But, it seems that he fell in love with her and finally decided that he will adopt the pup himself!

Freya has so much potential and can be a very good companion, having the chance to be at home for the first time in her life.

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