Peddling Pedigree

Over the last 60 years, the INKC has promoted the popularity of dogs, along with guidance for their proper breeding, rearing and training.

There was a time when pedigree puppies — home-bred or bred by scrupulous breeders — could meet the demand. But now – largely due to the ill-advised fashion among vets to needlessly and indiscriminately neuter good specimens brought to them for routine treatment by worthy individuals – the burgeoning demand has become a bonanza for puppy-mills and wheeler-dealers, producing and selling mediocre specimens or downright cross-breeds, often unhealthy. READ HERE how buyers should beware, and insist on paying only for puppies with genuine Kennel Club Registration Certificate, preferably directly from reputed breeders only.

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Indian National Kennel Club Indian National Kennel Club promotes the popularity of dogs, along with guidance for proper breeding, rearing, and training. We publish articles which educates our readers about the latest news in the dog world.

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