Payment for Services, Dog Shows, Seminars, Merchandise, Premiums, Franchise Fee, etc., is non-refundable, except as specified hereunder:

Full Refund (less expenses incurred by INKC) will be made if:

  • Application for Dog / Litter / Kennel Name Registration, Transfer of Registered Dog, etc. is found unacceptable by INKC. No refund, however will be made in case of particulars of dog, breeder or owner and/or Signature is / are found to be untrue or misleading, whether given intentionally or otherwise. Further penal action may also be taken in such cases.

  • Merchandise may only be returned in undamaged condition if found to be defective or not as described. Purchaser shall bear the cost of packing/postage/courier for the return, and the Refund shall be limited to the price at which the item was purchased.

  • In case of Dog Shows / Seminars etc. being cancelled for reasons beyond the control of INKC no/part/full refund OR carry forward of fees paid shall be at the sole discretion of the INKC.

Applications for all Services

    Dog / Litter Registrations, Pedigrees, Transfer of Registered Dog, etc. are processed by the INKC on the basis of information supplied by the Applicant and other Signatories (if any), who alone shall be fully responsible for the correctness of information supplied. INKC may at its sole discretion, verify this information, and reject any Application with incomplete or incorrect details. Giving incorrect details may also attract further penal action.