Showing Your Dog

Dog Shows are not just for show. If you are not already initiated into the world of Dog Shows you must not form the impression that a Dog Show is only for vain dog owners, who just like to show off their dogs, or that since you want a dog ‘just as a pet’ there is nothing to gain from entering it in a Show. No; a Dog Show is not the prerogative only of professionals. A Dog Show is meant for every dog-lover who has a pure-bred dog.

It is only at a Dog Show that expert opinion of dogs is expressed, and their merits evaluated in competition. It is possible, of course, that different judges may have somewhat varying views, but one still stands to gain a fair perspective on one’s breed by regular participation in Dog Shows.

It is no use living in an insular atmosphere, thinking that events in the dog world are only the concern of ‘others’. In opting for a pure-bred dog and going in for something you can be proud of, you have already recognized the importance of getting yourself a “good specimen”.

If it were not for Dog Shows, how would you have known what is a good specimen, and from where would you have got the Champions in your dog’s pedigree?

Not knowing the worth of the ancestors in one’s dog’s pedigree is the surest way to breed blindly. Imagine, if it weren’t for Dog Shows, your dog might have turned out to be a very ‘ordinary creature’, in spite of the breeder’s best intentions. And who, after all, would have decided what is good and bad? No one. And that would have been the surest way of losing track of perfection.

At Dog Shows there are also Obedience Tests  —  events for those dogs who have been trained to a certain level of performance as set out under the different classes in the schedule.

Winning or losing is all in the game, and really of least importance. The pleasure is in the experience of mingling with several dog enthusiasts, sharing dog lore with them and in the satisfaction that one is putting in one’s mite towards the success of a very important necessity in the world of the pure-bred dog  —  the Dog Show.

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