Stud Agreement Form

Before  the Owner of a Bitch or a Dog has it mated, it is essential to enter into a bilateral Agreement, so as to avoid conflict at a later stage.

Note that Stud Fee paid at the time of mating is much lower in value (about 50%) than the fair price of a puppy.

Here is the format of a Stud Agreement which INKC feels is fair to both. If, however, both Parties agree upon Terms that differ from these, they are free to make whatever changes they want. Please note that this Agreement is only for the convenience of the two Parties. It is neither officially required by INKC, nor will it be accepted as a substitute for an Application Form for Registration of Litter duly signed by the Owners of both, Sire and Dam.

Signing this Agreement and/or Registering the Litter with INKC is not in any manner a substitute for any statutory requirements of licensing or permissions.

Download the Stud Agreement form by inputting your details below:

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