Tattoo Artist Covers His Dog’s Face With Tattoos

Emerson Damasceno posted some disturbing pictures on his Facebook page of a white bull terrier covered in tattoos; not a single person approved of what he did, and he started receiving more criticism than he could handle. A few hours later, he deleted the photos of his tattooed dog.

tattooed dog

When asked about his intentions, he said that he tattooed his dog to protect him from cancer! In response, many veterinarians expressed grave concern over the images, saying that tattooing an animal has no health benefits; in fact, it could be way more harmful than imagined.

tattooed dog

Tattooing is very painful to humans; imagine how a dog, who has a much more sensitive skin, would feel? Of course, what this tattoo artist did is a form of animal abuse! He did it knowing that he cannot get consent from his dog!
Take a look at his image before he is tattooed. Poor little guy, imagine how much he had suffered through the process.

Owning a dog does not mean he or she is your priority! Animals are living beings with feelings, thoughts, and so much more; treating them in such an abusive way is not one bit acceptable. They were meant to be companions, not playthings.

tattooed dog

Hopefully, this man will get what he deserves!

What do you think of the artist and his tattooed dog? Are you with it or against it? Leave a comment in the comments section.

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