Transfer of INKC Registered Dog


  1. It is essential for a dog to be registered with the INKC before it can be transferred to another owner.
  2. a) This form MUST be accompanied by the relevant Registration Certificate in original (Pink Color) obtained from the Transferor (previous owner). If the Registration Certificate is lost or destroyed, the Transferor (previous owner) should first apply for and obtain a duplicate Registration Certificate.
    b) A Certified Transfer Form (C.T.F.) (Blue Color) which has an expired date of validity will be permitted.
    c) A Certified Transfer Form (C.T.F.) (Blue Color) within its date of validity does not require this form for transferring the ownership of the dog.
  3. Change of Registered Name of the dog is NOT permitted, with the exception of addition of the new owner’s registered Kennel Name if so requested. It is not possible for a dog to carry more than two Kennel Names as affixes. A Kennel Name previously attached as affix shall not be dropped.
  4. Transfer of the dog will be deemed to be effective from the date of transfer as recorded by the INKC on acceptance of this application.
  5. Forms with erasure, correction, or overwriting may not be accepted.
  6. The Committee / Council of the INKC may reject an Application for Transfer at its discretion.
  7. The fee as given below should accompany this application.


in cash or by M.O. / Cheque in favour of Non-Members Members
The Indian National Kennel Club Rs. 200 Rs. 150

Add Rs. 50/- for Courier or Registered Post.
Add Rs. 50/- for Bank Commission on cheque other than Mumbai.

Download the Transfer of INKC Registered Dog form by inputting your details below:

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